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The Luminous Collection By Huma Adnan

The Luminous Collection By Huma Adnan

The Luminous Collection By Huma Adnan


Luminosity in every stitch, Huma Adnan’s newest collection boasts of the finest silk, sewn together with exceedingly brilliant craftsmanship, as the perfect present for you this season. Embark upon this journey with Huma Adnan with every unique design narrating a tale.


We begin our journey towards luminosity with Farishte - this stunning, white piece with intricate details. A signifier of the serenity that washes over one whilst being looked after by their guardian angels, allow Farishte to become one with your form, making you look like a majestic angel.



Paving the path further into this collection is Zabya - a beautiful gazelle - captivating, picturesque, and a sight to behold. Zabya has been made with love, using warm-toned hues - subtle, yet undeniably breathtaking.




Amaya follows, which is this stunning green piece, ornamented with details that further draw in attention. This silk piece is illuminating in its own way. Aptly named, Amaya is like the pleasant valleys of the North - green, lush, and laden with nature’s treasure trove.




Azraq - derived from the Arabic word that means ‘blue’ is a glorious tribute to the calming abilities of the color itself. A flattering cut, paired with this gorgeous silk, further embellished with details on the sleeves, makes Azraq an excellent choice for the upcoming season, making you the very embodiment of a breath of fresh air.




Further brightening up this collection is Alysa - a name that beckons royalty, and suits this magnificent cut with the utmost perfection. Grace and elegance combined into one, Alysa is for the regal ones - those who create their own destiny, invite light into their lives, and then, by extension, become a beacon for their kin.




Ahyana, the alluring flower, is another stellar addition to The Luminous Collection. Ornamented with details on the neckline and sleeves, this vibrant silk cut is as eye-catching as it is luxe.




Fana celebrates love, light, and the unruly fire of passion, all encapsulated within this astounding silk cut. The Lady In Red is no longer a Western phenomenon. She is here - as Pakistani as can be - unabashed, untethered, and uninhibited. She is Fana.




Fall in love with the way love brightens your life with Dilkash, Huma Adnan's finely crafted nod to the throes of inclination. Become the personification of affection as you slip into this detailed silk cut, which doubles as an embrace itself.




Huma Adnan's collections stand out due to her innovative style, and it is that very lively sense of design that has been incorporated in Inara. With its funky sleeves and silk cut, Inara is comfort and radiance, in one show-stopping piece.




Asna is for the life of the party - the one who dazzles, and breathes life into spaces. She is a risk-taker - unfiltered, yet warm. Much like the piece, those who don this piece are, without a doubt, magnetic in their own personalized manner.



Zaufishan is the soothsayer, the sage. She is the portal of wisdom, shaped by experience. However, she also taps into her inner child and lets go. With the best of both worlds, put on Zaufishan and bring out those qualities within you, while mesmerizing all those around you with your aura.



Haya - the luminescent one - is a bewitching silk cut. Aesthetically sound, and exceedingly exquisite, Haya will have everyone’s vision transfixed upon you. Turn heads wherever you go, leaving everyone awe-inspired.





Every piece in The Luminous Collection By Huma Adnan can be paired with FnkAsia’s playful jackets, and jewelry from Craft Stories By Huma Adnan. Become the very picture of luminosity this season, leaving a trail of starstruck, doe-eyed admirers behind you.


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