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Amir Adnan Introduces 24 Uniquely Different Fragrances

Amir Adnan Introduces 24 Uniquely Different Fragrances

Ushering in the spirit of celebration, Amir Adnan is launching twenty-four fragrances, twelve of which fall under the larger, overarching umbrella, with Huma Adnan, FnkAsia, and Awami launching four fragrances respectively as well. 

Paying tribute to the astounding land of the pure, Amir Adnan has created an olfactory tribute to Pakistan - a riveting journey through the nation, all through the sense of smell. Amir Adnan's premium parfums are a nod to the cities that have been evocative and inspirational to the man behind the brand, thereby leading to the decision to pay homage.

"Designers travel a lot," states Amir Adnan, when sharing details about the creative process behind the fragrances. "My wife and I were on vacation in Hunza. I was going on a jet ski through Attabad Lake. I was very inspired by the colour of the lake and the mountains, the fresh air that was hitting me. The adrenaline boost that I experienced while going through the crystal clear waters of Attabad Lake thinking about the history of the lake and how something so beautiful exists - and we never looked at it."

"That is what inspired me, and while I was going through it all the feelings of that day stayed with me. And I wished I could capture it and share it with other people around me, as it is not possible for everyone to experience this. This is why it got translated into a perfume."

This very trip led to the formulation of the first fragrance, Hunza, which has since been followed by Shandur, Kashmir, Skardu, Swat, Kalash, Frontier, Khyber, Margalla, Lahore, Karachi, and Gwadar. Each of these musky, ruggedly masculine scents is infused with a diverse, luxe mix of top, middle, and base notes that amalgamate to create vastly different, yet undeniably intoxicating perfumes. 

Huma Adnan, who has 17 years of unparalleled experience within the world of innovative design, has ventured forth into the world of fragrances as well, marrying rich European scents with Pakistani sensibilities, thereby creating a responsible, yet unforgettable experience in the form of Ara, Gul, Zeb, and Nur.

"Fragrances define how one is perceived in so many ways," explains Huma, talking about the decision to dive forth into the world of scents. "One assumes that picking out a perfume is easy, but to find a signature scent that someone associates with you is such a defining factor."

"A lot of thought and research has gone into this," she states. "These fragrances aren't just regular selections. The culmination of  ingredients went through various rounds of critique, with trials on a diverse set of women to ensure longevity, and to achieve the perfect mix of notes."

Moreover, keeping sustainability in mind, every single perfume bottle has been created using recycled glass from bangles in Hyderabad. 

"Conscious living is not only a goal," says Huma Adnan, talking about this pertinent approach, "it is a lifestyle choice - one that becomes imperative as we take note of the world around us."

Four of Huma's perfumes under FnkAsia follow a similar train of thought when it comes to the basic philosophy. However, as fusion and vibrance is FnkAsia's turf, the perfumes - Larita, Marshita, Narita, and Pakita - too, imbibe that very essence. A blend of luxurious constituents, these perfumes that have names sourced from ancient languages, weld classic and contemporary vibes to produce four refreshing, green, and incredibly high-end fragrances. 

Awami's line of four new intensity-infused fragrances are a unique power move, and  follow a divergent motto. A testament to the resilient spirit of various pursuits in monumental spheres of life, these perfumes are housed within a simplistically designed bottle that undoubtedly packs a punch. 

“The conversation started with names of scents that were floral and immediately, we knew that wouldn’t work," states Parishae Adnan, the brain behind Awami. "The philosophy of the brand is to give women that confidence when they wear it to speak their minds." 

Hence, Awami's fragrances are powerfully named The Pursuit Of Happiness, The Pursuit Of Freedom, The Pursuit Of Ambition, and The Pursuit Of Strength.

"It’s 'the pursuit of' because it shows that the person wearing it is striving towards these things with confidence and reassurance," explains Parishae.

"The scents themselves are fierce and are a little intimidating. They’re not what you’d expect the generic woman to smell like. Each smell has its own personality and they’re very, very sexy.”

Encapsulated within recycled glass bottles, Parishae, too, shares her insight as to why this decision was pertinent.

"On average, Pakistan produces 48.5 million tons of solid waste a year (2019- growing at roughly 2% a year) out of which approximately 6% comes from glass. Glass, in the world of solid waste, is one of the easiest materials to recycle."

"In the world of fashion we are slow to move towards concepts of recycling and circularity but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a step towards building a more sustainable model. In 2019 we stumbled upon a small factory in Hyderabad that collected glass from trash, melted it, and shaped it into dyes."

"They told us we shouldn’t use these bottles for perfumes because they are flawed. They are made from broken pieces melted together to form a whole. They have defects and marks that cannot be controlled or perfected in production. Each bottle is different from the next and cannot be replicated in an identical fashion. While leaps and bounds from the conventional sense of perfection, this to me was perfect."

Executing the release of twenty-four starkly different fragrances is a herculean task. Yet, this posited challenge has morphed into a celebration, with the slated release of these scents that, in multiple capacities, commemorate the very crux of life, in all its multifaceted tones and shades. All the fragrances are available in stores and online at,, and 

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