Craft Stories by Huma Adnan – Supported by UNHCR

Huma Adnan, the person and the high fashion brand, aligns itself with social justice and joins hands with UNHCR to empower refugees in her quest . Each piece of jewelry and craft in the show has a unique story behind it, becuase each individuel who made it has attached a part of their life journey to it.

"Stories of hope, fashion, creativity and economic empowerment are the
themes we subscribe to when it comes to refugees."

"While displacement due to war is a world shattering experience, it’s projects
like these that build hope for a better future."

Huma Adnan, the brand, aligns itself with social justice and has joined hands with UNHCR to empower refugees in its quest. Under the designers guidance, a group of refugees of various nationalities, namely Yemenis, Sudanese, Rohingyan, Afghanis, and Syrians, have received vocational training in jewellery and textile craft. This training contributes to the refugees’ livelihood and helps them become self-sustained entrepreneurs. The handcrafted jewellery by the refugees is an expression of their personal journey. The artisans share their stories in the shape of the accessories. Each piece is crafted with the resilience and passion of a heartwarming tale with the perfect balance of quality and design.

Huma Adnan prides herself in honouring and reviving local crafting techniques to create modern, marketable products. “My designs are an expression of my journey all through Florence to Tharparkar and the inspirations I have received along the way,” Huma shares. Supporting local craftsmen from rural Pakistan and now refugees from around the globe, is a defining part of the Huma Adnan brand ethos. But a big part of making the crafts is to cater to the expatriates and tourists visiting Pakistan – the colours and designs of the products are such that anyone who wears the pieces would feel like they are taking a piece of our culture with them. The refugee artisans and Huma are all very focused towards promoting local elements through their work. Anyone who wears the pieces should feel like they own a part of this effort and be proud of it.

Craft Stories Distributes First Profit from Sale Karachi, 27th May 2019 — at the head office of Shapar Pvt. Ltd, the brand Fnk Asia, who has been closely working with refugee artisans to produce jewelry, distributed its first profits to the refugees. The ceremony was attended by the 25 refugee artisans who had been working alongside Fnk Asia to create ‘Craft Stories’ since the beginning of the pilot phase. “It was an overwhelming journey especially for those who had not earned in the past for their families, and for the first time felt as if they too could contribute to the betterment of their society,” says Huma Adnan, “they have big plans for Eid and want to spend this money buying gifts for their loved ones.” The brand hopes to continue this journey through the coming months in order to support a dignified and sustainable means of living for refugee women.